Movac is a family owned and operated business in our second generation of providing fluid management services and heavy-duty equipment repair and maintenance in Western Canada. We started out in 1995 with a single vacuum truck. Since then, we’ve built a team of experts who’ve made us a preferred vendor for some of the biggest companies in the industry. But we still have the same priority we started out with – solving problems for our customers. Many of our people have been with us for decades. They – and the newer team members they’ve trained – have the knowledge, the skills, and the motivation to make your project a success. 



TEAMWORK: We work with your team to get the results you need.

SAFETY: We have a safety-first attitude. Every project. Every task. Every time.

ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION: We start with regulatory standards and do better.

GOOD CITIZENSHIP: We build positive relationships with the communities we work in.



Movac People work safely. All our work follows the standards set out in our rigorous safety program. We meet and exceed all applicable safety standards, and have one of the lowest injury rates in the industry. That means incident-free work that protects your timeline and your bottom line.

Our safety program includes:

  • Promotion of safety awareness
  • Training and certification
  • Continuing safety management
  • Enforcement through regular inspections


Indigenous Relations

Movac People do the right thing. We are committed to working with Indigenous communities in a way that respects their history, special connection to the land, and wellbeing. As a member of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business, we are actively working toward greater Indigenous involvement in our industry.

Indigenous Commitment Statement 


Community Relations

Movac People work with respect. Our relationships with the communities we work in are based on trust and cooperation. 

Movac supports:

  • Local youth activities and athletics
  • The environment
  • Local food banks
  • Culture, education, and the arts
  • Mental health initiatives 


Environmental Protection

Movac People care. We make sure we understand your company’s environmental policies, obligations, and applicable regulations before we begin working. And we work with suppliers who are as committed to safe and sustainable practices as we are.

The Movac Team:

  • Minimizes the effect of our operations on soil and ground water
  • Helps you meet your environmental goals
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable regulatory standards