“ Beginning in 2012, BCD has contracted Movac to provide water and vacuum truck services to support our drilling operations in the Oil Sands region of Northern Alberta. To date, Movac has performed their work with zero recordable injuries while continuing to provide quality work. Movac's previous experience in the Oil Sands has proved to be an asset to this critical component of our business. Their expertise and knowledge combined with a great attitude and willingness to work are invaluable to BCD. BCD would recommend Movac for any drilling operations support work that they feel confident in pursuing. ”
“ During the last 2 years at Firebag, we have contracted Movac Mobile Vacuum Services to provide fluid and cleanup support with vacuum trucks, water trucks, semi-vacs and combination units. Movac has successfully fulfilled Suncar's requirements and has remained aligned with Suncor's message of success' Safety-Quality-Cost-Schedule. Overall, I have been extremely pleased with Movac's services and supervision and would recommend them. ”

Chad Phillips

Project Superintendent, Suncor Energy, Firebag In Situ Winter Drilling
“ During the Winter 2016/2017 Core Hole program at MEG we contracted Movac Mobile Vacuum Services Ltd. to supply Vacuum and Water Truck Services. Movac successfully provided their services to complete the project with no incidents or operational challenges. I would like to compliment the Movac operators/drivers along with their field supervisor who all showed a strong dedication to safety and work ethic to deliver zero non-productive time (NPT) losses and recordable incidents during the project. Great job Movac! ”

Sasha Manin

Drilling Supervisor / Consultant, Christina Lake Project, MEG Energy Corporation

PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening)

PICS is a resource network that sets global standards of vendor pre-qualification of services for major international markets.



Jet or paddle mechanical devices that help keep sludge mixes circulating during storage, before being transported for disposal

Canadian HSE Registry

A privately-run health and safety registry dedicated to enhancing compliance performance and the safety records of its members who are involved in high-risk industries

Certificate Of Recognition (COR)

COR certification measures a company's level of standards and safety over a number of criteria such as maintenance, safety practices, the management team, environmental procedures, etc.

Combination Truck

A truck with the combined features of a vacuum truck and a hydrovac outfitted with a boiler pressured washing system


The uncovering and exposure of buried structures in ground soils through excavation to admit natural light

Flotation Tires

These low impact tires minimize soil compaction on sprayed lands

Hydrovac Truck

Provides non-invasive excavating where water is pressurized and injected into the ground through a large handheld hose to safely loosen soil from underground infrastructure. The resulting slurry is simultaneously vacuumed from the excavation and temporarily stored in a debris tank. From this process, a once-buried structure (e.g. phone cable) is now visible and can be safely retrieved.

IS Networld (ISN)

A resource network that connects corporations with safe, reliable vendors working within capital-intensive industries. ISN centralizes the conformance reporting done by member vendors. Corporations can then select those resources that best meet their internal and government requirements.

Landspray While Drilling (LWD)

An environmentally-friendly method of waste disposal where drilling waste is sprayed on lands meeting LWD government guidelines

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

Refers to the legislation, standards and activities that aim to protect the health and welfare of its registered workers

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

A system of enhanced oil recovery for use in tarsands drilling. Two horizontal wells are drilled, one above the other. Steam is injected into the upper well, heats and allows the heavy crude to flow through the formation and then out the other well.

Tire Pressure Control System (TPC)

An alternative to flotation tires, the computerized TPC system allows tire pressure to adjust according to the conditions of the terrain. The system minimizes the destructive impact on environmentally sensitive areas by allowing for a greater range of mobility on surfaces such as soft muskeg. The tires' longer footprint distributes the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area.

Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF)

TRIF is a workplace safety indicator. Also commonly called "incident rate", the TRIF rate is calculated by using the following formula *: (N / EH) x 200,000

* where N=number of days away due to injuries, illness, restricted work or job transfer; EH=total hours worked by all employees during calendar year; 200,000=base for 100 full-time equivalent workers (working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year)

Vacuum Truck or Vac Truck

Vacuum trucks provide onsite waste transfers and disposal of liquids, semi-fluids and sludge

Water Truck

Provides mobilized short and long range hauling of water

Semi-Vac Truck

Provides fluid transfers, tank cleaning/shipping of waste products, drilling mud and a variety of solids.